How to Make the Most of Your Career

When it comes to jobs, there’s a wealth of careers out there in the world. Some jobs are the envy of your friends, some jobs are seen as less desirable and some jobs may seem so unattainable that you never dare to dream about them. But regardless of whether you are doing 9-5 in an office or performing live on Broadway, job satisfaction can be found in the majority of jobs.

It all comes down to perspective. If you have a negative outlook on life and only pick out the things that go wrong, then you are going to soon feel as if your environment is a negative place to be in. If you feel like you work too many hours, your job is the same each day, you have dreams of being in a better position. Its time to expand your perspective. When you first start a job, if you go in with the right intentions, you are usually keen to learn everything- something everything at once. When you spend a significant time in this job, those things you were so eager to learn often become just a part of a normal routine. Alternatively, you can be exposed to an environment where there’s so much to learn it can feel overwhelming. This can stir up those negative feelings. Stress, burnout, dissatisfaction. These emotions often overshadow anything positive to come out of that job.

So, how do you make the most of your job?

The most important thing is to be willing to learn and develop. Every environment is affected by change and if you are not willing to learn and develop as external factors develop your company, you will fall into the comparison trap of ‘what used to be’ or ‘what should be’. If you don’t know much about your job and feel overwhelmed, take the time to invest into learning about the job- the role, the policies. This also means learning from difficult situations and your failures. If something didn’t work or somebody didn’t like your idea, see this as an opportunity to look at how you can change this so that your idea faces a chance of implementation. Or so that you can see: well that didn’t work, let’s try…

I think that it’s so easy to become like a machine and then this will actually cause you to stop thinking outside the box as much as you want, your brain won’t be stimulated as much if you are not challenging yourself or doing everything without thought. So practice awareness, assess yourself and try to think differently every so often.

Be as creative as you can in your job. Humans like play and joy, it’s human nature. So if you are not finding your job satisfactionary its maybe that you are taking every day so serious, that there is no time for play. This can be as much as having a joke with a colleague, decorating your desk different every day or making conversation with customers. Of course, there is risk that your positive outlook does not go down well with everybody. But, remembering, pessism is likely to occur because of the comparison trap.

They say that hope breeds enteral misery- but I think that in actual fact, hope only breeds enteral misery when you fail to see what your successes in failing were. That’s why, frequent learning is important because when you’re willing to develop, you are actually investing in your success.

Most people don’t challenge themselves because they believe in the ‘I’m not good enough’ or that’s ‘too unrealistic attitude’. But do you really want to be both stuck in a job where you are disatisfied and only regret not taking those opportunities that you wanted to do? There will come a time for everybody where working becomes too much and if its something that the majority of people spend so much of their time doing, shouldn’t that time be something that you enjoy rather than spend years hating? This applies even when a job is not exactly what you intend to be doing. Expressing gratitude in having a job, that affords for your lifestyle is one step ahead of hating every aspect.

Of course, that’s not me telling you that you shouldn’t have higher ambitions and go after you dreams. But for the majority of people, dreams don’t come true over night. For the average person, becoming rich or financially free, takes either the almost impossible chance that you would win the lottery or years of investing time, resources and learning to develop your own skills. With the first, instant wins are likely to make a person go bankrupt, the latter- through learning about finances and saving, allows for a person to become more money-wise and have an investment to show for- which will likely be a career, where this can bring continously financial stability not just

Where can you start learning and developing?

  • ONLINE COURSES: most courses online have a small financial fee in lump sum, but there are also some courses which can be offered for free. For example, on platforms such as Future Learn.
  • Books: The old- fashioned way is sometimes the best. Books provide a wealth of knowledge on learning, business and finances . They also come in the forms of gratitude books and educational resources, all of which can help you see the positivity in your job and expand your skills. What’s best, is books can be very specific to a career aspect. For example, if you are a journalist, you can buy a book in media or writing skills or interview techniques.
  • Youtube: Get inspired by people who have changed their lives around online. YouTube is a great storytelling platform to inspire you.

Are you satisfied in your job? Have any tips for career success? Let me know below.

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