Edinburgh: Royalty and witchery within a beautiful contemporary city.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland twice within the past couple of weeks. If you are thinking about visiting Scotland, the city definitely has so much to offer. This city is full of history, legends and some of the most incredible buildings, statues and sculptures.

If you are into the occult, Edinburgh City is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the United Kingdom. The city offers Ghost Tours, trips to the Edinburgh Dungeons, tarot reading experiences and even witcheries. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, the city also has themed bars, chances to ride the Hogwarts Express and many themed walking tours.

If you love history in general, Edinburgh is filled with historical buildings and venues. One of the most famous and recognisable is Edinburgh Castle. I recommend walking the Royal Mile, a long stretch of road filled with dainty shops and bars leading up to the castle.

Although Edinburgh has kept its historical charm, there are many ways which Edinburgh is also a contemporary city. Firstly, I really appreciate how many local businesses there are here. Each street is home to a different kind of store, where you can buy allsorts from paintings, knitted goods, crystals to antiques. There’s also a lot of opportunity for retail therapy. ST James Quarter has some of my favourite shops, I have seen elsewhere in the EU such as Stradivarius, Bershka, Mango and Pull & Bear. One venue I noticed which seemed pretty popular was also the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, seeming perfect for those who love illusions and photography. I have not attended this yet, so I can’t really give an opinion. However the popularity must be for a good reason, I’m sure.

If you are looking to dine out, Edinburgh also has a range of restaurants with their own charm. One of my favourite restaurants and bars there is the Copper Blossom. It’s a really beautiful restaurant with rustic, floral charm. The cocktails are delicious and the food is really tasty also. We shared some starters when I last visited and had The Gingerbread seasonal cocktail- it was so delicious. And the Rose Gold glasses from Absolut, not only fit the theme of the restaurant, but made me want to buy one!

One final, noteworthy thing about Edinburgh is that it has great transport links to a range of places. I found the bus fares are reasonably affordable, the train station offers a range of routes around the UK and the airport is close by.

Have you been to Edinburgh? What is your favourite place in the United Kingdom?

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