Menorca: Spain’s Hidden Treasure

The holiday season is fast approaching and this year seems like the first year since the pandemic that holidays are returning to their former state. Choosing the perfect destination for you and your family can be challenging. That’s why I would like to share some of my knowledge and experience of getting to live in Menorca (Minorca) highlighting just why it might be the perfect place for a peaceful family holiday. I like thinking of Menorca as the Balearic’s hidden treasure. This island has a traditional feel with less commercialism, is homely and is smaller than Mallorca and Ibiza.

One of the things that I discovered living here, was that Menorca was perfect for those with families. While there are some nice bars and clubs by the ports, Menorca I find that Menorca is not as heavily influenced by partying as its neighbours Mallorca and Ibiza. Nor, did I find that you were ever really pressured into going into restaurants or buying items, like in some other destinations. This laid back and friendly atmosphere make Menorca feel like a genuinely safe place to come and visit as a tourist.

Another great thing about Menorca is that it has the most beautiful blue waters. You can come and do watersports, spend time at the intricate little coves or spend a day tanning at a regular beach. A beach or cove is always within walking distance and they tend to be pretty spotless. Boat trips are also a great recommendation if you are choosing to visit here, with Ciuatedlla Port offering many excursions and private hire.

In Ciutadella, you can find a very traditional city with beautiful architecture and buildings, as well as a small fishing port, that comes alive at night. In Mahon, you can find several modern shops such as Zara, Mango and Stradivarius and Mahon’s famous Gin Distillery. There is also a great harbour here, where you can take a ferry over to Barcelona or Mallorca. In the summer months, Menorca can also be home to fiestas such as Sant Joan. The cities will get busier during these events. However, there is also an atmosphere unlike any other during this time and it truly is when all the locals come together to celebrate.

The whole island of Menorca is pretty small and can be driven around pretty much within the day. I recommend if you are coming to visit, hire a car if possible. This way you can see much of what the island has to offer. Although if you do not drive, Menorca usually has a range of buses operating at a very cost-effective price.

For the best viewing point of Menorca, I recommend visiting Monte Toro on a clear day. Here you can see the majority of the island, the beautiful stretch of nature and greenery that Menorca has. Overall, this is definitely an island perfect for those looking for a quieter, family holiday in a relatively safe environment. For a hidden, less expected viewing point of Ciutadella- I suggest visiting Ciutadella’s, Burger King! Burger King!? YES. Upon the top floor of the restaurant, you can see up high from as beautiful sunsets over Ciutadella port.

Have you ever been to Menorca? If so, let me know your favourite part in the comments below.

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