How to Optimise Your Audience Engagement as a Content Creator

Previously, discussing future profession aspirations, it may seem feasible to have heard traditional vocations like a doctor, nurse, lawyer, police officer, firefighter etc. However, over time, the possibilities for job ambitions have widened. Working in childcare, I have noticed that some children inspire to have an online presence as a future career. Mentions of being a Youtuber or Tik Tok Star are not unheard of. Arguably, becoming any kind of Content Creator has become a pretty sought after job. This is not only apparent in the next generation. Content creating is not exclusive by age, demographic or the content nature itself. And what is pretty great is that every niche can have a place to be seen.

As 90’s babies, we grew up in a transformation period of social media. For the world of publishing, photography, art, videography etc., accessible ways for work to be displayed became a possibility. Free platforms exist to create websites, video production and share our captured moments with the world. In the past, people who were not in the public eye did not have these opportunities. Most of the media came from broadcasting, newspapers and radio. This would not allow for the same freedom as making a Youtube Video. Now we have the tools to produce content and a plethora of platforms to share it on, it is the perfect opportunity to become a content creator. There is no better time than now to start.

On the flip side, because the size of these platforms is so large and so accessible, getting noticed may be challenging. If you want to make a career as a Content Creator, engagement is a powerful tool.

How Do You Optimise Audience Engagement?

Now, in no way would I consider myself an influencer. If anything, I am potentially like you only now starting off as a Content Creator. Through my personal experience and knowledge of others, the following ways prove to promote audience engagement. For the first two months of 2022, I have almost surpassed the total views, likes, comments I had over four months of posting in 2021. My content itself has not changed dramatically. Yet engagement has increased significantly. Here is how: 

Promote on Several Platforms

If you have multiple Social Media accounts, whenever you publish new content make sure you promote it through these accounts. Aim to promote your content to as wide an audience as possible. For example, posting on Instagram stories or posts, short promotions on Tik Tok, creating Facebook Posts for your following. You can even share on platforms such as Linkedin. What are the benefits of promoting on multiple platforms? The biggest is that your content reaches different types of social users. For example, those who frequently use Facebook may not be the same type of person frequently using Instagram. If they have a preferred social media account, they are more likely to see your content if promoted on that platform. Also, some of your followers may not even be aware that you produce content, so promotion can help direct them to it. 

Do not Stress Over Not Feeling ‘Good Enough’

At first, I was worried to promote my content on Facebook to my family and friends. It was not feedback from anonymous people that I was scared of, but those who knew me personally. I feared being judged for the content that I wrote. I feared not being taken seriously. And most of all, I feared that what I shared was not ‘good enough.’ This was perfectionism masked as imposter syndrome, with a small amount of anxiety thrown in. 

In reality, as I promoted my content for the first time with my family and friends, my engagement increased significantly. I also received a wealth of comments and support for my writing- which was a BIG relief! Of course, you should surround yourself with people who support you and want to see you succeed. You will feel more motivated to create content by having a supportive network. And as previously spoken about in my post: Most Effective Tips for Content Creators who are New to The Game., remember all feedback drives traffic. 

Put Time into Your Thumbnails

There is an old saying that we don’t judge a book by its cover. We don’t know how good the book is simply by the front cover. Yet it can help attract us to a book in the first place. The same applies to thumbnails. Try to make thumbnails that look professional, are relevant to your topic and appear visually attractive. You can create thumbnails for free using a platform like Canva, which come with a range of templates if you are unsure where to start off. If a post has low traffic or engagement, it is also worth changing your thumbnail to be more appealing to viewers. 

Be Responsive to Your Viewers

Comments are a great way to show that you have an engaged audience. I always try to promote engagement through the comment section by asking a question or for the viewers to share their knowledge. 

 Two-way communication shows that you value your viewers and can also help you learn from your following. When it comes to everything but yourself in life, there is always somebody with a little bit more knowledge about a topic than you. That is why I love to ask my viewers to share their opinions on different topics! Commenting can be a daunting experience. If a person has taken time to comment on your post in most cases, this is a really nice gesture. And to show your appreciation, it is always nice to reply if possible or like the comment. 

As you grow, replying to all comments may become impossible. However, just showing your audience that you appreciate their support regularly can help to keep that community feel between the content creator and audience.

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Bonus Tips:

Post Regularly: Having a regular schedule can be great for audience retention as viewers will have a reliable source of content to come back to consistently. 

Track Your Traffic Stats: Make sure you check your content to see how much traffic each post drives to your platform. This can be useful regarding which topics are popular, where the most engagement is and even what time is best to post.

Rest Well: While engagement is important, the most important thing is to take care of your wellbeing. Too much time on social media can become an obsession or negative for our health. In all careers, enough rest is needed. Without this, you can easily burn out. Remember that your career is one of several factors of your lifestyle and to take time out to bring balance to other areas in your life.

Stay True to Your Identity: As you grow it can become easy to lose sight of what makes you unique, what it is that you are offering and your purpose too. You will likely face pressure to retain a certain image as you grow, but remember to stay true to yourself. The majority of your viewers are subscribed because they are attracted to your particular skills and your personality.

What Tip do YOU Think is Most Useful?

Let me know in the comment section. Or if you have a tip of your own, please feel free to share.

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