Adventures in Thailand: Visiting Phuket in 2022

As I promised in my previous post, I would be letting you all know just exactly what I have been getting up to on my adventures to Thailand. As I’m writing this, I have only a few more days left here in Phuket. Time has definitely gone way too fast and I am already feeling the ‘going home blues’. But, this has truly been an amazing experience for me and I would definitely like to come back and experience more places in Thailand in the future. I feel like I’ve only had a small glimpse into what is a very beautiful country with lots to offer.

This time was mainly to catch up with my partner, who has been working here overseas for the past couple of months, so a lot of my time was just reconnecting and getting to make some more important moments together. But I still got up to some pretty amazing adventures. If you are thinking about visiting Thailand, I would definitely recommend it. Its very much filled with personality, charm and beautiful nature and landmarks. So what were some of my highlights?

Wat Chalong Temple

This is a beautiful site with several temples, where you can come and pay your respects to the deities, monks and witness some of the most beautiful artitechture I have ever seen. The artwork and the many statues of Buddha, are fantastic! You can also have a fortune telling here, participating in a special tradition where you will receive a fortune card. You can also make a wish in one of the temples and light a candle. * If you are visiting, make sure you are mindful of covering your shoulders and upper legs.*

Big Buddha Statue

The Big Buddha Statue is also another place I would really recommend you go to visit if you are in Phuket. It has one of the most beautiful viewpoints where you can see over Phuket from high up. You can also receive a blessing from a monk, create your own blessing on the tree and pay your respects. I took some beautiful pictures here.

The Sundeck

The sundeck is a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the ocean. It is thought to be one of the best places to see the sunset. I came here for an evening date and it was also very beautiful as you can see all the lights over the city and the ocean. The food here is really delicious and it’s a really good atmosphere if you are going to celebrate something special.

Green Elephant Sanctuary Park

The Green Elephant Sanctuary Park is home to many elephants that have been rescued from harsh working conditions, where some of the elephants have been treated with abuse. The Sanctuary promises to make sure that the elephants have a much better quality of life. You can visit here to feed the elephants and give them a mud bath in large open grounds. The staff here were really friendly and informative.

La Moet, Sunset Boat Trip

La Moet is a gorgeous, cosy and characterful boat with extremely hardworking and caring staff. It has a rustic, homely feeling as it is furnished with lots of wood and cosy pillows. On the upper deck, there is a sundeck- which was the perfect place to watch the sunset. I was quite lucky as I actually saw a storm while I was there too. Not everyday you see a beautiful sunset then lightening on a boat. The boat offered two swim stops, where you could snorkel and plenty of food so you never had to go hungry. The route we took was extremely beautiful also.If you are looking for a boat that is unique, definitely come on board and experience La Moet.

Promthep Cape

This is a beautiful viewpoint to come and watch the sunset, looking over the water where many boats come along and sorrounded by some beautiful nature also. This is the perfect spot to relax, enjoy the sunset and make memories while you are visiting Phuket.

As I said, this is just a small glimpse into what Phuket and Thailand has to offer. However, there is so much more to come and do and see. Whether you are a family, solo backpacker or coming to visit loved ones, Thailand seems to offer a lot! I am definitiely going to miss this place. But soon enough, I have another adventure to go on.

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