5 Easy and Healthy Habits to develop in the New Year.

To some, the idea of a New Year might have little significance to their lives. They may ask is it worth making any changes, does a calendar date make any difference to life? Will life change in a matter of a few short days? And I think, that really depends on how willing you are to embrace change and growth. Or whether you are fully content with how your life is right now.

For others, including myself, though it is pretty symbolic, the New Year is a period of regeneration and reflection. I always find myself thinking about the past 12 months and all the best bits I have to look back, all the lessons learned, the laughs shared and the moments that took my breath away. Let me tell you, this year there was a lot that left me starstruck! But it was through everything I learnt and experienced this year, that formed my resolutions for the New Year. And it was also through these experiences, that I developed some pretty easy, healthy habits that I will continue to follow into 2022. They are not necessarily resolutions as such, but simply actions to incorporate into everyday life that I find particularly beneficial.

So why should you invest time into developing healthy habits? Well as much as 2021 was pretty memorable for me for a ton of good reasons, life for all of us has continued to have hardships, throughout the past two years. I hope for all of us, we can look forward to 2022 which as a world, is filled with better. I am not suggesting that you will solve all the issues in the world. However, adopting simple habits that benefit you, increase your performativity, wellbeing and better your lifestyle can be a step in making the next chapter of your life, a little bit more enjoyable.

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”

-C. Joybell C.

Let’s take a look!

Here are five healthy habits, which are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle:


  • Start the day with a satisfying breakfast. For a lady who has skipped breakfast regularly within the past few years, I am pretty shocked to even find myself writing this. But this year, I worked out that the secret to starting the day off right is to start with breakfast. Whatever is satisfying to you, whether it be eggs, smashed avocado, yoghurt or a big hearty bowl of porridge, filling yourself up is key to keep your mind active and stop feeling sluggish throughout the rest of the day.


  • Journal, Write, record. Life moves pretty fast and it’s pretty easy to blink and the next month will be already over with before you know. If you have any time to reflect, even five minutes of your day or once a week, write something about your life. It could be something you enjoyed or some hopes for the future. One habit I have developed for the past three years is using a service like Futureme.org to write future letters to myself. Not only do I find it good to get all my thoughts on paper in the present moment, but I am always suprised to see how much has changed within a year.


  • Establish boundaries for yourself and learn to say no. People pleasing is one feature I have always had throughout my life and doing acts of kindness for other people can be one of the most rewarding feelings. However, people pleasing, even when you don’t necessarily want to do something, can be unhealthy. Sometimes we place unecessary pressure on ourselves. But it is vital that you allow yourself time to yourself, when you just don’t feel like doing something to avoid burnout, or do something you really enjoy. You don’t have to join in everything to keep everybody happy, just as you might not expect them to do the same for you. You may even find that the majority of people are understanding. Learning to say No, may feel like letting somebody down, but neglecting your own needs can have a bad effect on our wellbeing.


  • Start something you have been afraid to do. Everybody on earth has something that they are good at doing, whether they have realised it or not. Fear and past judgements, can prevent us even taking part in something we would like to do in the first place. But, engaging in a passion that you would love to do and enjoy doing is definitely one way to increase your happiness. Having the courage to start something you have been afraid to do, should be celebrated in itself as an achievement. Whether it is painting, writing, returning to education, the only person you have to prove is yourself. You don’t have to be the best at something, but with everything in life the more practice you have, the better you become. And if you enjoy it, who cares what other people may think? Celebrate your passions; they are a part of what makes you an individual.


  • Cleanse your Life. This may sound a bit crazy, but every so often it is beyond satisfying to do a cleanse. This might be something like going through who you follow on Instagram and unfollowing accounts that make you unhappy. Or sorting through all your things in each room of your house and clearing out things that no longer are purposeful to you. Or it could be something like reducing your drinking to only certain social occassions or something like making time to go and spend some time in nature. Anything that feels like you are detoxing from any issues in life and helps you feel a little bit more happy can be worth dedicating a small amount of time to.

Want to develop even Bigger Habits?

Small is a great place to start, but if you are interested in working your way to a particular goal in 2022, you can find out how to make resolutions you will be able to stick to in my previous post How to Make Good New Year Resolutions and Stick to Them.

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Have a Happy New Year wherever you are in the world- Katie

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