Life as a Kids Rep: How to Move Abroad and Earn Money.

Being a Kids Rep is a pretty unique job and one I would totally recommend if you are in the childcare industry. While working within nurseries and educational facilities at home, can help you discover the joys of working with children, working with children abroad is a different ball game. Having the chance to meet hundreds of families and help them make unforgettable memories, while getting the opportunity to live and get paid overseas is unlike any other job experience.

I cover more about the reasons why you should experience in Moving Abroad: Leaving Home in your Early Twenties, which you should take a look at if you are considering moving overseas in general. But, what about being a Kids Rep? How do you become a rep?

I would recommend finding a tour operator to become recruited with, you can apply online with big tour operators. But there are now specialist recruitment schools for some reps also. For a Kids Rep position, showing that you have experience working with children is key. While qualifications can be important, there are also some positions for non-qualified childcare staff, If you have experience either through work, school or volunteering with children. You might also have the opportunity to become qualified while you are working on season, if your tour operator offers this opportunity.

In the UK, most of the interviews take place within the winter months, before christmas and the process can take several weeks to find out exactly where you will be placed, after you have been recruited. This is mostly because of the large operation to organise where people are best suited too and where they will shine best. It is also pretty exciting anticipating where you are going to be spending the next 7 months of your life. There is a little bit more paperwork, of course, now for us UK reps but do not let that stop you from applying as there are still plenty of opportunities for you to work abroad.

The interview process can be pretty fun also. Usually the recruiters are looking for people who have a keen interest in childcare, who can think on the spot, are guest-focused and most importantly bring their own unique, creative and enthuasiastic personalities to the job. Expect a chance to show off your creativity at the interviews, demonstrate how you are a team player and how you can also take leadership if need be. The interviews are usually quite enjoyable, so make the most of the process and it will feel quite fun. I think it is really important to show you have made effort and preparation is key. For these interviews, they will like to see that you have a creative flare as making exciting environments, decorating and craft-making is all part of being a Childcare Host. You might be asked to make or bring something to the interview, this is your time to shine. Make something which shows your unique side.

With any luck, your personality and skills will have shone through and you will be selected to be a Kids Rep overseas. So what can you expect next? It can be pretty fast-paced from then. Expect to hear from your destination, receive your contract and start date and then it’s all pretty go from there. You have your flight tickets, your suitcases packed and you are ready to go.

Training is a key part of being a childcare host, this is where you will learn most of the things you need to set up your own clubrooms for the Kids Club and plan the activities you will deliver, for the whole of summer. Usually, you will have resources to help you out come up with ideas and a lot of props and decorations to make them come to life, but it is always great to come with your own ideas, too. It is also here that you will first get to know your team, so it’s also a great chance to socialise. Sometimes you might get to go out and visit your resort, before you start working with guests, so take the opportunity to go and explore and make friends as you go. There are some pretty amazing chances to do excursions.

Then after training, you will have set up your clubroom and you are all ready to welcome the first guests to the hotel. While every kids club will be different, the best way to ensure you make the most of your season, is to not be afraid to get involved in the games that you are offering to the children, show your fun and silly side, don’t be afraid to dress up and be a great role model. Making sure that you and your team are working together well and having fun at the same time, will help you have the most amazing summer of your life. For a lot of families, you will be making memories that last a lifetime, so the majority appreciate putting time and effort in with their little ones making their holiday fun and enjoyable. Get yourself known to the families and you will not only be a great Kids Rep to the children but also a bit of a celebrity to them, too.

So if you are thinking about becoming a Childcare Host, why not just take the plunge and apply? Take it from me, transforming from a shy 21 year old who had never moved city, to a very confident 24 year old with five seasons of experience, it is the best decision you can do. You will not only build some of the most important friendships in your life, but you will grow with confidence, get a chance to develop and participate in loads of fun activities with children and guests, which make work feel like a dream job.

Got any more questions about life as a Kids Rep or Baby Club Host ? Feel free to ask below.

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