How to Make Good New Year Resolutions and Stick to Them.

A new year is fast approaching and we will be soon waving goodbye to another memorable year, 2021. A new year brings fresh hope and opportunities, a chance to do something you didn’t the previous year or start something new altogether.

Of course, many of us don’t have a problem dreaming big and often our heads can be filled with lots of shiny, new ideas. We might invest so much time into these ideas initially, then fall into a slump, when things don’t always go the way we want or we lose our enjoyment. We lose all motivation and forget about that hobby or decide it is not for us. Keeping that motivation key and we can apply what I previously wrote in Beat the Block: How to prevent failure and be motivated to write. But for now, let me summarise some of the ways you can make good new years resolutions and stick to them.

#1 Set goals that are realistic. You have a greater chance of achieving your goals if you set reasonable goals. I recommend a set of smaller goals, which may contribute to one big goal is always helpful. For example, if your resolution is to become an actress at the end of the year, instead set the goal to attend acting classes. You should set a resolution which you actually want to do also. Because if you are emotionally invested, you will be much more likely to care about meeting your resolution. Also, it is important that our resolutions are healthy and enjoyable. Otherwise, they will feel like a chore.

#2 Be prepared to invest. Most resolutions fail because we lose interest in doing them or because we feel as if they are just a goal. It doesn’t always matter if we break them. However, if you invest a lot of time, resources and even some money into them, you are less likely to give up as things get tough.

You might have heard about Youtubers starting off filming on their phones, but as their channels and brands have grown they now have professional cameras, ring lights, tripods and a range of equipment to help them deliver high-quality content. This is an investment over a long period of time and this equipment does not always come at a low cost. But, it can be seen to be worthwhile as their channel will tend to have greater growth and interaction. And due to this, YouTubers are more likely to continue to produce videos.

#3 Track your Progress. Sometimes we underestimate just how much we are achieving when we do not keep any written track of our progress. I recommend having a notebook where you can track all the times you have contributed to that goal. For example, if you are wanting to get in better physical shape, you might track every time you attended an exercise class, went to the gym, went swimming or increased your reps etc. Having this book to reflect on will show you that you are making progression, which contributes to that greater goal.

I recommend investing in a journal designed specifically on how to achieve your goals such as The Six-Minute Success Journal which you can find here. This journal is really good because you do not have to spend a lot of time writing, it is time-bound to only six minutes of your day tracking your progress. That could be written during the advertisements for a show or as you have your morning coffee.

#4 On the subject of time, your resolutions should of course be time-bound. Many people have the impression that they want to achieve something by the end of the following year. But then, what happens after you achieve this by the end of the year? Do you then stop doing your resolution? It depends on exactly what it is, but if you particularly enjoy that thing, there is no real need to put an end to it at the end of the year.

Now you may be confused because I previously said that goals should be time-bound, which goes against the idea of not giving up at the end of the 12 months. Let me explain. Resolutions do not have to end at a certain time. However, the smaller goals or steps that you take to progress towards that goal should be time-bound. Take time in your schedule to see where doing that activity can fit in and set a time of how long each week you want to spend on it. For example, if you want to write and have a very busy schedule set aside ten minutes to half an hour each week to write. This way, you can achieve a lot in a little amount of time and make steady progress towards meeting your resolution.

#5 Breaking your resolution. We have all been there. You set the goal to not have chocolate for a month and on the last day you cave in. Then that’s it, your resolution is done, broken, can’t be fixed. Of course, that is not the case. Just because you might break your resolution doesn’t mean that you can’t continue with it. Having those measurable, specific and time-bound goals will help you to stick with them a lot more.

However, we are humans, not machines. Life gets chaotic and we do not always do everything we said we would. But having the willpower to get back up from breaking your resolution should be recognised in itself. And breaking your resolution does not take away all the hard work you put into meeting it.

So will you be setting any resolutions this year? And if so, what will they be? Let me know in the comments.

Take care, wherever you are in the world- Katie

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