SELF HELP FOR AN ELF: What to Pack for a Winter Season in Lapland.

Becoming a holiday rep is one of the most exciting jobs that the world can offer. Having a chance to travel, meet a whole bunch of new and often like-minded people and develop yourself is a selling point for many. But of course, packing for any season as a holiday rep can be quite daunting, especially if you have not done a season before. I have my summer season clothes pretty much on lockdown now, but when I was offered the opportunity to work winter this year, it kind of sent me into overdrive. I am very much a fan of summer, hot weather, and sunshine. So the initial adjustment has been pretty hard to climatise to. But I figured as an elf, I am unlikely to get the chance to do something as magical as working in Lapland again.

Summer clothes are quite self-explanatory and you don’t tend to worry about being absolutely freezing. But winter clothes can be a little bit more daunting. Especially if you are in a place as snowy and chilly as Lapland! That being said, the ultimate goal is to stay warm and it is always easier to add extra layers. Here is my list of recommendations to stay warm for the winter season so that you don’t feel super overwhelmed:

#1 Thermals

Probably the best products to buy for the winter season are thermals. These are items of clothes that usually act as a base layer for your other clothes. They are made of materials such as wool or special weatherproof material to keep you warm. You can buy them pretty cheap in places such as Primark or find a range of thermals in local sports and outdoor shops. Invest also in warm woollen socks as this will help you keep warm as possible. Wool will help insulate the heat the best. Cotton gets pretty damp and can make you feel colder.

#2 Winter boots

Buy boots that are weatherproof and have an extra lining in them. It might be better to get an extra size up so that you can wear multiple layers of socks to keep your feet warm. Make sure you have socks that are wool as these insulate heat better than cotton and are less likely to feel damp. You can get different types depending on whether you just want general winter boots or ski boots. They should be weatherproof as possible. I would recommend thick-soled snow boots that have a good grip because they can become pretty slippy with the snow without them.

#3 Winter gloves and accessories

While I packed woollen gloves, I also decided to invest in some snow gloves which were a little bit more expensive but should be worth it to keep the cold out. Mittens are better at keeping hands warm, rather than finger gloves. I also recommend taking a couple of hats and scarves to stay warm or knitted headscarves to keep your ears cosy in the snow. One of the best items I bought in destination was a neck warmer as your face will get pretty cold if not.

#4 Warm clothes

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but it is best to pack a few sweaters, sweater pants and thicker jeans to stay warm. You don’t necessarily have to pack in excess as if you are working you are a chance to be in uniform the majority of the time and most clothes can be worn over a few times. You can pack clothes for dressing up, especially if you are in a ski resort in another part of Europe. However, here in Lapland, most of the time people go out in their thermal clothes so you don’t have to load up your suitcase too much.

#5 Hairdryer and Hair Care Products

The key to feeling warm is to keep your hair dry also, so avoid going to sleep with wet hair. Your hair can also freeze in the cold here, so you may wish to pack a good hair mask to prevent breakage.

#6 A flask

Keep a warm drink or soup on your all day to keep warmed up all day, especially if you are working for hours in the snow.

#7 Your favourite food

The food here can be pretty expensive and most of the time meals are not always provided by the company. It is a good idea to pack some of your favourite snacks such as sweets, chocolate and home comforts. I would also recommend bringing packet food if you can, such as packet portions of pasta etc. as these can be much cheaper especially if you live in the United Kingdom.

#8 Moisturiser

The change of weather can be harsh to the skin, so make sure you have packed a good moisturiser to keep skin healthy and feeling soft. I have heard that oil-based moisturisers can be pretty good for helping skin feel hydrated during the winter season.

If you buy these products, you will be much more prepared for the winter season ahead, but that is not everything that is above is the limit to what you should pack. A few home comforts could be necessary such as photographs, lights, teddies etc. Here is a list of a few noteworthy extras, that are not particularly essential but might be handy:

#1 Hot Water Bottle

#2 Microwaveable Bowl

#3 Hand and Feet Warmers

#4 Facial Spa Masks

The most important thing is to enjoy the winter season, but being prepared will definitely make life easier and the season more enjoyable. Also, make sure to get in touch with your company to make sure if anything is provided in a destination already.

If you are planning on going on a winter season, best of luck to you and wherever you are in the world, take care- Katie

Have more questions to ask about Lapland or Winter? Feel free to leave a question in the comments below.

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