Adventures in Sweden: Visiting Skane County in Autumn

So spooky season is over and we are almost approaching winter, as a holiday rep that usually only means darker nights, fluffy socks and snuggling up to a great big hot chocolate as I hibernate for the winter. But life, of course, likes to throw unexpected curveballs and this year I will find myself jetting off to somewhere a little bit more magical than my sofa. All will be revealed soon…

Until next year, pumpkin head 🍂🎃

In the meantime, I have been lucky enough to have one more adventure. This trip has been pretty special to me and has a close place in my heart, so a lot of what I have been doing is pretty personal. That being said, I fully recommend coming to see this part of the beautiful country of Sweden if you haven’t already.

So what can you expect in and around the Skane County region of Sweden? First of all, lots and lots of nature and beautiful forests, lakes and picture-perfect scenery where you can get outdoors, take a drive or a nice walk and even spot some wildlife. The trees were so beautiful in the autumn, with lots of different tones of orange and red and one pretty nice thing is that some forests offer different trails marked in kilometres. Some forests also have little cafes nearby, so it’s the perfect place to grab a warm drink or bite to eat after a stunning nature trail.

Next, I recommend that you come and take a look at many of the castles that Skane County have, most are museums or even hotels and are open to the public. You can find most of the castles on TripAdvisor and google maps and I recommend looking to see which days they are open online, as their availability can be limited during the autumn months. But even if you go on a day where the castles are closed, most of the grounds are still accessible to the public and here you can take some beautiful pictures or take a nice walk.

One of the best castles I visited was located within Malmö City Centre: Malmö Castle. This was an amazing museum with an aquarium, endangered animal habitats, an art gallery and tons of history of kings, Vikings, fashion and archaeology. There was something for everybody to see and you could spend hours looking at everything that Malmö museum has to offer. If you are feeling brave you can venture into the depths of the castles where you can hear about dark crimes of criminals, horrible plagues and see ancient weapons such as cannons used in wars. There is also a cute gift shop with lots of beautiful gifts, which I would have definitely have spent longer in if my suitcase wasn’t already super full.

Like typical autumn, it was pretty cold and the dark set in pretty early on. So that was key for us to go to the cinema. This was actually the first time in two years because of covid. I was pretty excited to enjoy the cinema again. It was actually so fun to sit back in a really cosy and compact cinema in Trelleborg, I believe is called Trelleborg Cinema. I instantly had that childhood movie theatre nostalgia.

We went to watch the new Marvel Movie: The Eternals. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I really recommend it. It has a lot of mythology, narrative and some really strong characters and that kind of feel-good buzz in it. I am hoping that this one becomes a bigger franchise as it seems to have a lot of potential. Also, no spoilers, but my inner younger self was happy about the after credit scene.

I have been working overseas so it was also really nice to go and finally do some shopping in a mall. Especially as I had a list of things I needed to buy for my next adventure… hence the heavy suitcase! There were two shopping centres nearby, but one I really recommend going to see was the Emporia shopping centre. Here there were so many shops, great restaurants and cafes. But the best part is that there is a really beautiful rooftop where you can go and view the city from above.

Of course, I have had plenty of opportunities here in Sweden to be social too. I recommend going out in Malmö, here you can find many nice restaurants, bars and clubs. However, mostly I have been going to small gatherings and meeting new people, which has been amazing for me. It has also been a great learning experience for me.

As I write this, I am not completely finished with my journey in Sweden and still have a couple days left to explore everything that this part of the country has to offer and make more memories in this special journey. Having said that, I really have learnt to have a deeper appreciation of nature and how much beauty the world has to offer through coming to Sweden. With lots of hills, lakes, forests and parks, it is truly such a beautiful place to come and see and I would love to return in the future.

Have you ever been to Sweden? Let me know in the comments.

Wherever you are in the world, take care- Katie

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