Mind, Body and Soul: How to find self- confidence in Yourself and find Inner Peace.

In recent years, the focus on body positivity, mindfulness and improving both physical and mental health has become of mass public interest. With mental health and physical wellness being recently impacted by the outcomes of the pandemic, there is a greater need for us to feel better in our own skin, feel confident and find happiness.

Having confidence in yourself is a work in progress and the ways to achieve this will differ for every person. It may be easy to take a look at the life of somebody else and believe they have it all put together. With social media in particular showing us the lifestyles of celebrities who seem to be succeeding in a range of different areas of life. We are one click away from seeing Stacey Solomon with her immaculate household and being the true queen of a domestic lifestyle, Kylie Jenner with achieving great financial stability in her early twenties and YouTubers such as KSI with enormous popularity and channel growth. They are of course undeniably great successes. But they also are so vastly different to each other because they each have their own niche. Their individuality, you could say.

It is this individuality that shows that you don’t have to strive to be a carbon copy of somebody you perceive to be successful. Naturally, each person is successful because of the particular skills and attributes that they possess within themselves. Therefore, if we try to change ourselves to become somebody else, we are essentially denying what makes us unique and not truly being ourselves. When we set our successfulness standards which are of course unrealistic, based on comparison with somebody else, this is where we fail. Feeling like a failure of course leads to lower self-esteem and feeling unhappy.

#1 Therefore the main thing we can do to find happiness and have confidence, is to celebrate what makes you unique. Maybe you are good at product marketing, maybe you have a super technical brain, maybe you are creative in all sorts of ways. Or maybe you are super academic. Maybe you don’t really know what it is exactly that makes you unique. That’s okay too, the main thing to celebrate is the fact that why are there are so many successful people, your success should be personal to you.

#2 This leads me to number two. While you shouldn’t base your success on others you see as more successful, they can still inspire you. Social media is a great way to gain a lot of help when you don’t really know where to start. Celebrities and influencers can provide a wealth full of knowledge, motivation and resources to help you develop your own skills. For example, if you want to start your own website and don’t know where to begin, a range of YouTubers can show you at the click of a button. So while you shouldn’t strive to be exactly like that person, it can be good to have role models in your particular fields of interest.

3# Unfollow those who make you feel unworthy. Once every few months I have a big clear through my Instagram and unfollow any influencers who I am no longer super inspired by. Interests change over time and so do the people that inspire you. Social media is much easier when you have a stream of things that actually make you feel happy than scrolling through irrelevant information. Or things that make you doubt yourself. The relationship between you and social media, like any other relationship, should not be toxic and self- deprivation. If it feels so you might need a social media cleanse.

4# While a social media cleanse can be good for the mind. We can be particularly harsh on ourselves when it comes to our physical health. Like social media, there can be a range of standards to adhere to when it comes to our Body being healthy. There is an overload of information and we do not always know what is best to believe. Personally, I feel like intuitive eating is best for keeping a healthy relationship with food. Also, I do believe that having too much of anything in excess can make you feel groggy, so it is important to have everything in balance. But, having a healthy relationship can take years and like being successful when it comes to any other goal, you may need help to get there. If you are struggling with food or how to exercise for your health, seek the advice of a nutritionist or personal trainer. Make sure they are the right fit for you and not just interested in faddy diets or making you hate exercising. Like everything, it should be personal to your needs.

When you have a good relationship with your body and see food as fuel for energy as well as something to enjoy, your confidence will soar.

5# Make a gratitude journal. The biggest way for me to build confidence was through the medium of a gratitude journal. Take a few moments in the morning as you wake and a few minutes at night before you sleep to reflect on how your day was good, what you did today that you were proud of and the small things in life that made you grateful. You can verbalise these as you are getting ready, use a journal or put sticky notes on your wall. Whatever works best for you, show yourself a small amount of gratitude every day and you will start to realise how awesome you actually are. I fully recommend The Six Minute Diary available on amazon to get you started, especially if you have a busy schedule.

#6 If you have a busy schedule, you can often feel like you are neglecting yourself making you feel run down and not very motivated. Therefore it is really important that you do make time for yourself. Even if it is two minutes in the morning drinking tea in the garden or stretching for five minutes or knitting for half an hour while watching tv. Find something that you enjoy doing and if you have a busy schedule, do it in small doses over the week. Winding downtime is just as important as being proactive if you want to avoid burnout and have a healthy body, mind and soul.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for having self-confidence and finding happiness. If you have any suggestions or advice for others about this topic, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Take care and until the next time- Katie

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