Half a year in Cyprus: Moving to Ayia Napa

As I am writing this, I am one week away from my next destination and ready to start the next big adventure. But before I start the next chapter of my life, I cannot forget the one I am currently living. This summer life took an unexpected turn and I ended up working back on the beautiful island of Cyprus. And what a journey it has been…

Having been in Paphos for two months last year, the party capital of Ayia Napa was definitely a change for me. I was really unsure what to expect, especially during covid times. However, it is safe to say Ayia Napa has changed me and I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity to work out here and see so much of what Cyprus has to offer as a country. So what did I get up to in half a year? Why should you take the plunge and spend some time out here also?

#1 Endless opportunities for work.

Cyprus and in particular Ayia Napa offers amazing job opportunities for internationals. Bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs are some of the main areas where work is widely available throughout the summer season. If you are hardworking and social, you definitely have what it takes to work here and a day of work will not feel like work if you have the right attitude. If you have a specialist skill such as photography or making your own products to sell or even teaching Cyprus provides endless opportunities to network and get yourself noticed. I have been working in tourism and childcare and every day feels like a gift because I just can’t believe I get to do a job I love in such a beautiful place. Even though hours are long when you meet so many wonderful people and do something you love in the sun, working never feels like a chore.

2# Amazing Places to Visit

Cyprus is filled with nature, beautiful coves, beaches, waterfalls and of course lots and lots of history. In Paphos, I visited the Adonis Waterfalls- aphrodite’s and Adonis’ favourite place to bathe and Aphrodite’s birthplace, which is said to bring good luck into your life. In Ayia Napa, there is a beautiful harbour, a waterpark, the famous love bridge and of course, a beautiful statue park. You will never have a boring day off work if you get out and explore Cyprus, there is so much to offer. You can take a range of boat trips also. Some of my favourites are the Catamaran trip and the Black Pearl, both of which are amazing experiences.

3# Night Life

Of course, it is hard to mention Ayia Napa without mentioning its famous Bar Street. There is a multitude of Bars available for all tourists to come and have a great evening, socialise with friends and enjoy Ayia Napa at night. If partying is not your thing, I recommend going to a few quieter bars down on Nissi Avenue or even taking a stroll down the beachfront at night. Or take a walk through Luna Park and take a ride of the big wheel. The atmosphere in Ayia Napa is unlike anything else and you are sure to have an unforgettable night out.

4# Healthier lifestyle and Great Food

If you are a person who wants to keep super active then Cyprus could be the place for you. While I have neglected working out while being here, I have managed to maintain a healthier weight simply through walking every day, getting outside for some fresh air and for the majority, eating a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. Cyprus has a range of outdoor activities such as watersports, running and cycling paths and plenty of gyms to keep fit. The hot weather also means that during the winter you can stay active even when it is slightly cooler. And fruit and vegetables are found in every shop, usually produced on the island. Cyprus also has a range of amazing restaurants if you are a foodie and most are pretty reasonable to eat, especially as most portions are pretty generous here. I recommend The Lodge, a beautiful South African restaurant in Paphos. If you are in Ayia Napa, you can have a live cooking experience in the amazing Hokkaido or taste some amazing sushi around this part of the island.

5# Social Life

Working in Cyprus has a multitude of benefits, but my favourite of all is that you get to meet a range of people. Lots of people come from around the world to work in Cyprus and it is one of the best ways to network and make friends for life, with people who may share similar ambitions to you. There are endless opportunities to connect, socialise and relax with friends in Cyprus. In Ayia Napa, I really recommend Napa Suites, a beautiful sky bar and restaurant with an infinity pool. The sunsets here are amazing.

So, are you ready to Explore?

Here are some of my favourite places to see in Cyprus:

Adonis Baths, Paphos

Aphrodite’s Birthplace, Paphos

Ayia Napa Harbour

Ayia Napa Statue Park

Green Bay, Protaras *Great for snorkelling and turtle spotting*

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras

Of course, there are tons of other reasons why you should come and visit Cyprus, but if I am being honest I could write a whole book on my experiences here so I will just leave you with some of my best reasons to come and see this beautiful Island.

If you want to find out any additional information, I recommend you take a look at my partner Kevin Hilding ‘s Youtube channel, where he discusses everything you need to know about Cyprus and Ayia Napa. Check out his latest video here: https://youtu.be/1CL3cemIcYM

Have an amazing week and wherever you are in the world, safe travels šŸŒ“āœˆ

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